Barrister Personal Shopper: next-day delivery of games, toys, & puzzles with food to Milwaukee County.

Safer At Home – Delivery Only

All Board Game Barrister retail stores are temporarily closed until further notice, in accordance with the Safer At Home Emergency Order #12.  All store phones are routed to the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub so you’ll get a person when you call.

The Oak & Shield Gaming Pub is open for take-out and delivery only.
Take-out Hours are Monday – Saturday, Noon – 8pm (delivery hours end at 7:30pm).  Closed Sunday.

The South Milwaukee Warehouse remains open for receiving only.


Because food delivery is considered an essential service, we’ve expanded our delivery options from our Oak & Shield Gaming Pub and we’ll gladly add games, toys, and puzzles to your food delivery order.  While this was not the synergy we anticipated when we opened a restaurant, it is proving to make a difference in people’s lives while we all muddle our way through to the other side.

Order links

Next-Day Delivery to Milwaukee County using our Barrister Personal Shopper service with access to our entire inventory.

Same-Day Delivery with limited game & puzzle selection to a limited area near the Oak & Shield using EatStreet.

Same-Day Delivery food only (no games or puzzles) to a limited area using GrubHub.

Do I need to order food to get games?  Yes.  Food delivery is an essential service, game delivery is not.