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    We believe the best team is made up of long-term, full-time (and the exceptional part-time) employees who are committed to the craft and profession of specialty retail. We commit to investing in the continued development of every employee, and we strive to provide a meaningful lifestyle both inside and outside of work that encompasses each individual's needs and desires.

    Position Description

    Every day you'll form connections while learning a bit about each individual who comes into the store so they can discover new games, toys, and puzzles that will add joyous experiences to their lives.

    A Barrister is successful when they effectively build rapport with customers by transferring their enthusiasm through sharing experiences and knowledge.  As a result of that rapport, the Barrister brings value to the customer's life by removing uncertainty and replacing it with confidence in our games, toys, and puzzles.

    The Professional Enthusiast is a Barrister who consistently meets goals while performing at a high level of autonomy and capacity, often working alone.

    Job Requirements

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    Wages and Benefits

    Your starting wage as a Barrister is $11 per hour, which can increase to $15 per hour in your first year. Full-time Barristers and Professional Enthusiasts are eligible for a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and 401k.
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