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    Position Description

    A Barrister is successful when they effectively build rapport with customers by transferring their enthusiasm through sharing experiences and knowledge.  As a result of that rapport, the Barrister brings value to the customer's life by removing uncertainty and replacing it with confidence in our games, toys, and puzzles.

    The Professional Enthusiast is a Barrister who consistently meets goals while performing at a high level of autonomy and capacity, often working alone.

    Job Requirements

    Click here for Minimum Requirements for Essential Functions.

    Wages and Benefits

    The starting wage for a Barrister is $10 per hour. A Barrister who diligently develops their knowledge and skills through Level Ups and demonstrates the capacity for additional responsibilities will increase their hourly wage to $12 during their first year and to $13 by their second December.

    A Professional Enthusiast's wage is $2 higher, such that their hourly wage will increase to $14 during their first year and to $15 by their second December.

    • $10 starting wage
    • +$1 when qualified to receive shipments and transfers, +2 Level Ups
    • +$1 when qualified to be a keyholder, +2 Level Ups
    • +$2 for becoming a Professional Enthusiast
    • +$1 each December after your first, +2 Level Ups; capped at your 5th December.

    Full-time Barristers and Professional Enthusiasts are eligible for a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and 401k.

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    Longtime Barristers talk about what it is like to work here.

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