Used Games

Sell your Used Games on Our Shelves

Is your game shelf full to critical capacity? Do you have games in your collection that you’ve never opened, or that just don’t make it to the table anymore?

Find your dust-collecting games a good home through our Used Game shelf – and stock up on store credit at the same time!

Selling Your Used Games – How it Works
Selling your used games is super easy.  You’ll state the condition of your game and set your price.  When it sells, you’ll get 70% of that price credited to your MVP account.  (Not a member of the MVP club?  It is free and easy to join.  Details here.)  You’ll get email notifications at every step of the way.

Here’s the complete process broken down by step:

  • Bring your games into any Board Game Barrister® store.  You can have up to five active used games for sale at any time.
  • A Barrister will use your MVP number to generate a Seller’s Condition Statement for each used game you wish to sell.  (Pro tip: bring your MVP card with you, it speeds things up.)
    • This is where you set the selling price for your game.
  • You complete each Seller’s Condition Statement.  Is your game brand new and un-punched? Well loved and worn? Did it live with pets? And so on.
  • Give the statement and the game to the Barrister.  They’ll set it aside for processing, generally by the Store Manager.
  • Then we’ll use your condition statement to process your game, wrap it up in shrinkwrap plastic with a copy of the condition info, and add it to the Used Games shelf. You will get an email notification when this step is complete.
  • Your game is now on the sales floor, ready to be purchased.
    –Cue hold music as we wait for a bright eyed shopper to decide to take your game home–
  • When your game is purchased, you will receive a notification.  Your MVP account is not yet credited – the buyer has a few days to return it.
    •  When a buyer purchases a Used Game, they have a period of time to return that game. This gives them a chance to open it up, inspect it and make sure the game is in the condition they were led to expect.
    • If your game is returned, you will receive an email notification.  The Store Manager will contact you to see what you want to do next.
  • After the buyer’s return window has elapsed, you will receive an email notification that your MVP account has been credited for 70% of the price you set.  You can use this for any future purchase at any Board Game Barrister store.  Yes, you can use it to purchased some other used game.
    • You cannot withdraw this credit for cash.  It may be used only for purchases.
  • If you were at the 5-game listing limit, you may now list another game.
  • Get a jump on your Seller’s Condition Statement with this pre-fillable form. You will still need to complete each Used Game’s registration in-store.

Ready to get started? Bring in a few games and get them on our shelf!

Buying Used Games – How it Works
Super-straightforward.  You pick out what you want from the used game shelf, bring it to the counter along with anything else you might be purchasing, and you pay for it.  There are two differences to be aware of.

  • Discounts: There are no discounts allowed on used games.  No MVP discounts, no employee discounts, nothing.  The seller sets the price, so we will sell at the seller’s price.
  • Returns: If the buyer of a used game finds that condition of the game does not measure up to the condition stated by the seller on the condition report, then (and only then) the buyer may return the used game for a full refund.  The buyer has three days to make this return, and they absolutely must bring both the condition report and the register receipt to the store to make the return.  After that, the seller will get their store credit and we can no longer take a return.
  • Pro Tip: check the contents of the used game before leaving the store.  If the games doesn’t measure up to the condition states by the seller on the condition report, you can return the game for a full refund right then and there without making a return trip to the store.

What about jigsaw puzzles?  Or role-playing books?
You betcha!  The process works just fine for jigsaw puzzles and role-playing books – and each are great candidates to sell (and buy) used.  The only difference is that the sale of a used jigsaw puzzle or role-playing book is final – no returns will be accepted.

Do you have the game I’m looking for?
We might!  Our list of active used games is here, updated every morning.