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What is Discord?
Discord is a community hub. It’s a little bit like a forum, a little bit like a chat room, and a little bit everything in-between.

Here at Board Game Barrister, we use Discord to keep our players connected. We post store updates, run events, and make it possible to find new folks to play with.

Our Discord server is organized into various chat channels and game tables where you can stay up to date on the stores and meet up with other players.

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Discord Rules of Conduct–Voice & Text Chat

  • Be respectful of your fellow players and other members of the community.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Offensive and derogatory language and all forms of harassment will NOT be tolerated, and will result in a ban from the server.
  • Spamming by use of repetitive, irrelevant or large posts will result in a warning, following by a ban from the server if the action does not stop.
  • Keep your language family-friendly. We are committed to making this server a safe place for all players.
    • Our Store Staff is not responsible for the content of individual users’ posts or direct messages, though we will act to enforce the server Rules of Conduct when offenses are brought to our attention. For the safest online experience, we suggest adjusting your Privacy & Safety settings: User Settings -> Privacy & Safety.
  • Avoid promoting or disparaging the practices, prices, or product selection of other game stores.
  • We welcome feedback through our Contact Us page.
  • Have fun!

Reporting Inappropriate Conduct

  • Report a breach of these rules to a member of our Store Staff via direct Discord message or by email: [email protected]