BGB Dungeon Masters

Dungeons Masters are a specialty subclass of BGB Champions. Please also see the BGB Champion Guide for further information about running events at Board Game Barrister.

What you’ll find in this Guide

Being a Dungeon Master at Board Game Barrister

We currently host a number of  weekly Dungeons & Dragons events run by experienced Dungeon Masters from our community.

Our DMs are hand selected for their reliability and enthusiasm in the role. The best way to see if this is the right role for you is to attend D&D events at the store and become a part of our amazing community!

What sessions and campaigns can you run?

The short answer: Anything you want, as long as it’s in the spirit of the game. Ongoing campaigns, Adventurers League modules, Flavorful One-Shots—there are spots for each in our schedule.

Dungeons & Dragons Event Registration (Read more below)

Players may sign up for their D&D sessions beginning the prior Monday. Day-of signups are available as long as there are open seats remaining.

Dungeon Masters submit their session info by the end of the day two (2) Fridays ahead of time (8-9 days before the event.)

Dungeon Masters receive 300 MVP points per player at the table, and of course, Dungeon Masters’ seats are free!

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For essential information on leading an event at Board Game Barrister, please refer to the BGB Champion Guide. For further details on the procedures for DMing at the store, read on!



BGB Dungeon Masters Guide

Becoming a Dungeon Master

Our Dungeon Masters are selected from our community for their strong knowledge of the game, and even more importantly, a welcoming attitude and an eagerness to make the game fun.

If you feel that you’d make a good BGB Dungeon Master, we’d be thrilled to bring you aboard! Please fill out this brief Questionnaire to give us an idea of your experience with D&D and with sitting behind the screen.

We’ll follow up about adding you to the schedule!

What content can you run?

Each of our D&D calendar events will specify what type of session you have planned. You’re welcome to run any content you have prepared, as long as it’s in the spirit of the game and the fun of the players.

Adventurers League: All official Wizards of the Coast hardcover campaign content can be run as Adventurers League content, as well as the official Adventurers League modules available for purchase online through Dungeon Master Guild.

One-Shot Sessions: Got an idea for a one-time session? Let’s do it! Your session info will list the suggested character levels and give players an idea of what they’re in for, so unique and interesting one-shot sessions are more than welcome! We want to make sure all of our tables are appealing to our player-base, so we do ask that you avoid going overboard week in and week out. A seasonal silly one-shot about the Easter Bunny’s hordes is amazing, but weekly laser space battles between level 20 characters is less of a draw.

Ongoing Campaigns: What’s D&D without an epic questline? You can run a long-term campaign using published or homebrew content. All sessions will be available for public signups every week, so encourage your players to sign up for our D&D Sign-up Notifications and register as early as possible each week!

New Player Friendly Sessions: In order to keep our community growing and welcoming new players, we make sure there is a new player friendly session available in each time slot. If you’d like to run a permanent new-player-friendly slot, that’s incredible, but we understand if not. We may approach you about adding an occasional new player session to your rotation if needed.

Event Registration

Each table has a default maximum capacity of 6 players (in addition to the DM).

Want to change your seating capacity? Talk to us about it, and we’ll get it sorted!


Beginning on Monday morning, players may register for the weekend’s events. Registration is available both online and in-person at the stores.

The events will be organized by times and sessions, each listing the Dungeon Master as well as a brief description of the content they plan to run. Each player may register for the session(s) of their choice, while open seats remain available.

Dungeon Masters

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your session begins. The Barristers will handle registration, so you’ll be able to greet your players, answer questions, and get new players up to speed when necessary.

Running an ongoing campaign? All sessions will be available for public signups every week, so encourage your group to sign up for our D&D Sign-up Notifications and register as early as possible each week!


Submitting Session Info

Your Session Info should be submitted via this form before the end of the day two (2) Fridays prior to the session (8-9 days before your session.)

Your session info should include:

  • Session Name
  • A brief adventure hook, such as “Trouble is brewing in the nearby Riverdew Monastery. The monks have offered a substantial reward for anyone able to remove the statues that have started to spring to life.”
  • Suggested character levels
  • New-Player Friendly?
  • This session is:
    • A Standalone One-Shot Adventure
    • An Adventurers League Module (List module name)
    • Part of an ongoing campaign—Official Hardcover Content
    • Part of an ongoing campaign—Homebrew or 3rd Party Content
  • List any content that might be considered inappropriate for younger players, such as alcohol use, drug use, graphic imagery, etc.
    • Avoid any strictly mature content (graphic violence/sex, ) and maintain family-friendly language at the table. Even if your table has no kids present, there may be kids at nearby tables and in the store—and we want our players of all ages to know that they’re signing on for a wholesome day of D&D.
  • List any content that could be triggering for some players, such as self-harm, suicide, torture, eating disorders, hurt animals, domestic abuse, kidnapping, etc.
    • No need to disclose how this content might come up in the adventure. A simple list of potential triggers will help players identify adventures they might want to avoid.


Unable to run your table?

Life happens. Conflicts come up. If you are unable to run your session, contact us about us, and we’ll understand. The key phrase there is, Contact Us.

If you have a sudden reason you won’t be able to host your listed session (such as illness or an emergency), call the store as soon as you’re able and send an email note to the store as well: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

If conflicts become a more frequent occurrence, we may talk to you about continuing as a player instead of a DM. No-call no-showing will expedite that discussion.

Dungeon Master Rewards

We know D&D doesn’t happen without someone sitting at the head of the table, so to say thanks, Dungeon Masters receive 300 MVP points for each player at their table. Oh and of course, no need to buy a ticket!

Ready to sit in the Dungeon Master seat?
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