BGB Dungeon Master’s Guide

Dungeons Masters are a specialty subclass of BGB Champions.

Please also see the BGB Champion Guide for further information about running events at Board Game Barrister.


What you’ll find in this Guide

Being a Dungeon Master (DMing) at Board Game Barrister (That’s this part!)

Let’s start with the assumption that you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons. If that’s not the case, this might not be the guide for you… Perhaps you’ve been a DM for years, or you’ve DM’ed a couple of sessions, or are just now starting to consider taking the seat behind the screen.

If any of the above apply to you, and you’d like to lead a table at Board Game Barrister, then you may consider yourself a BGB Dungeon Master!

We currently have a number of established weekly D&D groups that are always looking for additional DMs. Visit our event calendar and D&D Facebook group to see about joining up with a pre-established group, or pick your own time to start fresh. Then fill out a Host an Event Form to let us know when you’d like to begin DMing!

BGB Event Calendar:

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Host an Event Form:

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Dungeons & Dragons Event Sign-Up and Registration (Read more below)

Our Dungeons & Dragons community is LARGE and stretches across all of our locations—and it grows every single week! In order to make sure that our DMs, regular players and newcomers all have the best possible experience, we adhere to a number of programs and procedures to make playing in the event smooth and uniform.


Your “Expectations of the Table” Form (Read more below)

D&D players can vary largely in play style and goals. This form will allow you to set your expectations and set your players up to make the most of their experience at your table. If need be, this form is also a tool for dismissing players who are regularly disrupting your group.


DM Rewards & Incentives (Read more below)

Without our Dungeon Masters, our Dungeons & Dragons events simply would not happen. So for every table you run, we thank you with POINTS!

Effective February 26, 2018, all Dungeon Masters at our locations receive 1000 MVP points for every table of 3+ players run. Read the details below.

For essential information on leading an event at Board Game Barrister, please refer to the BGB Champion Guide. For further details on the programs, procedures and rewards that come alongside DMing at the store, read on!





BGB Dungeon Masters Guide

Event Sign-Up and Registration

Adventurers League Events

Dungeon Masters
As you arrive, please announce to staff that you are DMing today and what table tiers you are able/planning to run.

    • At this point, staff will begin assigning players of the appropriate tier to your table.

[We will ask that at least one DM run a Tier 1 table each week]

Beginning one hour prior to the event’s start time, players may sign up on the player form at our front desk. Each player will either be assigned to a table immediately and buy a ticket, or will be called up to buy a ticket when they have been assigned a table.

The Adventurers League Signup Form will ask for:

    • Player name,
    • Number of players in their group,
    • Whether they are a new player,
    • Whether they are willing to be a backup DM,
    • Whether they have a DCI number,
    • What tier characters they have available to play (New players are Tier 1)

Players will be told that when a DM arrives at their Tier, they (and their group) will be called to the front to buy a ticket.


NON-Adventurers League Events

Dungeon Masters
We’ll have you setup a couple of things for your ongoing table.

Think of it as your DM profile:

    • Capacity. You may set this at any number you wish, though we normally ask that a DM set their tables at a capacity of at least 6
    • Reserved Seats. You may set permanent (but editable) reserved seats for your regular adventurers by writing their names into your DM profile.
      • KEEP IN MIND, you table MUST include at least 3 open seats for new players each week, so please keep this in mind while setting your capacity and reserved seats.

When you arrive each week, please pick up your DM Profile from the counter so that you can review your Expectations of the Table with your play group for the week.

When you depart, please leave your DM Profile with the staff at the counter.

Beginning one hour before your event’s listed start time, players may sign up for the event.

Capacity permitting, they may buy their tickets immediately upon signing up.



Please ask a Barrister for a copy of the Expectations of the Table form if you have not already completed it.


Expectations of the Table

Champion Name: _______________________

Day-of-Week __________ Start Time: __________


As a player at this table, you are asked to adhere to the following expectations and conduct guidelines. If you are unwilling to adhere to these expectations, you may be asked to leave the table and the event–at the discretion of the event’s Champion and Board Game Barrister staff.

  • Show respect for your fellow players. We have no tolerance for players demonstrating disrespect or making another player feel uncomfortable.
  • Our pace of play is ____________________________________________
  • We ask that our players ________________________________________
  • Roleplaying level (RPG Events): ________________

Low = lots of modern, out-of-character discussion;
High = primarily in-character dialogue, little modern chat.

Content inappropriate for some younger players:   ⬜YES ⬜NO

  • May include: _____________________________________


Rules of the Space:

  • No outside food or beverages.
  • Use language appropriate for families and young children.
  • Use of controlled substances is prohibited. Smoking is permitted outdoors in designated areas only.
  • No use of noisy electronic devices, except with permission from staff.
  • Respect the space and all of your fellow players.
  • Please exit the event area prior to the store’s closing time.



DM Rewards and Incentives

Without our Dungeon Masters, our Dungeons & Dragons events simply would not happen. So for every table they run, we thank them with POINTS!

Effective February 26, 2018, all Dungeon Masters at our locations receive 1000 MVP points for every table run.

These 1000 point are in addition to any Champion Discounts a Dungeon Master might receive. See the BGB Champion Guide for details on Champion Discounts.


The Fine Print

In order to receive 1000 points, a Dungeon Master’s event must be on the public calendar, must be running 5E content, and their table must include at least 3 players.

Dungeon Masters, please fill out an event reporting form after your session—you will receive your points when that form is processed (normally within one week).  These DM points will be rewarded once per DM per day.