Upload your vaccinated status

All players must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to playing in any in-store event.

Your vaccinated status will be tied to your MVP account for tickets purchased in-store, and will be tied to your online store account for tickets purchased from our online store. Yes, they are separate, but you only need to fill out this form once to tie your status to both accounts.
Note: The actual image of your vaccination status is not stored, only that your vaccination status has been checked and validated.  We care that you’ve been vaccinated; we don’t care about the actual record itself.  If/when there is a better way to do this, we’ll adapt.

Every individual player must have their own MVP account registered in their name.
To create a new account, visit a Board Game Barrister store before uploading your proof of vaccination with this form.

Allow up to one week after your upload for processing prior to attending your first event.
If you want to get back to the tables at your first opportunity, we suggest uploading your proof of vaccination as soon as you are fully vaccinated! You will receive a confirmation email when your status is confirmed.
We will not be processing vaccination records at the store.

Yes, this means that some people – particularly youngsters – who are not yet eligible for vaccines will not be eligible to play in events until they become eligible. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.  When you are eligible to be vaccinated, please get vaccinated.  We’ll be overjoyed to welcome you back when that times comes.

Your vaccination status will not be shared or made available to any parties outside of Board Game Barrister.


Fill out the form below to submit your vaccinated status for processing (Allow one week for processing)

    In-store and online tickets

    If you intend to buy your event tickets in-store, you must join our MVP Club in-store prior to completing this form.

    If you intend to buy your event tickets online, you must have already created an online account with the email address that you list above. Create an online account at Store.BoardGameBarrister.com. This is separate from your MVP account, though there is a field to enter your MVP number so you can earn MVP points on online purchases.

    Yes, if you intend to purchase event tickets both online and in-store, you will need to have both an in-store MVP account and an online account.

    Check all that apply:*

    Enter your MVP Account Number

    Your MVP number is the 8-digit number printed below the barcode on your MVP card. It is also printed on every in-store register receipt. It is not the PIN that we ask you for at the checkout counter.

    Upload a clear picture of your vaccination card

    Picture should show your full name and each vaccination date.
    Filesize limit is 3MB.