Get your Game on our Shelves

Designed a game? Got it published and printed? Want Board Game Barrister to carry it on our shelves?

We’d love to see it!

Just bring a copy of the game into one of our locations and demo the game for one of our Barristers (time and store traffic permitting). Even better, call ahead that day and we can let you know when we expect the store to be slow.

That Barrister will immediately assess your game based on a variety of qualifiers:

  • Playability: Are the rules well established? Does your game’s learning curve fit its audience?
  • Appearance: Does your game feature high quality components and/or art? Does your box and its art pop on the shelf?
  • Uniqueness: Does your game fill a gap in our current selection? Would we talk to customers about it before other similar games?
  • Fun: Is the game enjoyable and engaging? If it’s a strategy game, is it challenging? If it’s a party game, does it get us laughing? If it has a theme, do the rules and components support that theme?

Once your demo is complete, your Barrister play-tester will let you know whether they think the game fits on our shelves. If they do, we’ll take some more information from you (contact, distribution, pricing, etc.) and your game will move to the next step of review.



Not in our Area?
Not a problem. If you send us an overview of your game as well as some details, we’ll determine whether we’d like to move forward and further assess your game.

Send the following information to [email protected] or fill out this form:


    Production Status:

    Are you willing to send us a demo/sample copy of the game or product?

    Images - box/packaging, components, and setup