MVP Club

Since 2012

The MVP Club is a combination loyalty program, event registration aid, special order tool, and all-around tool for general goodness.

The core of the MVP Club are MVP Points. You earn MVP Points when you make purchases, and you can also win MVP Points at certain tournaments. You can then use these MVP Points for various benefits.

MVP Club as Loyalty Program

This is the most straightforward aspect of the MVP Club – think airline miles, and you’re in the right frame of mind. You can redeem your points for discounts, with bigger discounts available for more points. Earn small discounts frequently, or save up for larger discounts. When you’ve qualified for a discount, we’ll prompt you at the register.

Event Admission

Event tickets for many of our events, as well as Open Gaming tickets, are free with MVP Points. If you are a regular Board Game Barrister customer and a member of the MVP Club, it is likely that you will always be able to play in our event center for free.

Tournament Registration

Some tournaments and events track your participation and results nationally (or internationally). We match your DCI number for Wizards of the Coast events (Magic: the Gathering, and some others), your POP-ID for Pokemon, and your USCF number for chess events to your MVP Club membership. This both speeds registration when you play in these events, and means that you don’t have to remember that extra number all the time.


We give our MVP Points for prizes at some events. You can also earn MVP Points for running games at certain special events like GlennCon or International TableTop Day.

General Goodness

Certain programs are only available to MVP Club members, such as buying Magic singles and selling games on the Used Games shelf. We keep discovering new situations where the best way to do the right thing involves the MVP Club. If you have an idea where the MVP Club can make the Board Game Barrister® experience better, please let us know!

What does the MVP Club cost?

Absolutely nothing! All we ask is that you provide your contact information – address, phone number, email address.

Who can join the MVP Club?

Any individual who can provide their name, address, phone number, and email may join the MVP Club.

Can I share my MVP card with friends and family?

Alas, no. MVP Club membership is an individual membership, like getting a library card. Why? Because most of the functions of the MVP Club revolve around events, and many events require individual registration and/or reporting. The MVP Club membership is at the individual level, not the household or family level.

But I want to use my MVP Points so a friend can play.

No problem. You can use your points to get an event ticket in your friend’s name. Even better, if your friend is also an MVP Club member, their event ticket can still have their information (DCI number, etc.) printed on to make registration smooth.

What will we do with your information?

There are two times when we will use your email address (and, for that matter, your phone number):

  1. When you have a special order or request that has arrived.
  2. If we find something left behind at the store or at an event that we believe might belong to you.

That’s it. Ok, I suppose if something else really strange happens, we’d give you a call. We will use your address in case we need to hand-deliver something (yes, it has happened), or perhaps for an actual snail-mail mailing.

In no case will we ever – ever – sell or distribute your information.

How can you join the MVP Club?

You can join the MVP Club in-person at any Board Game Barrister® store.

What if I forgot my MVP Card?

No worries. We can generally look you up, provided you have some other form of identification. You will still need to know your MVP PIN, however.

Where are the current MVP Discounts?

You can see the current list of MVP discounts and how many MVP Points you need for each here.

How many MVP Points do I have?

Your current MVP Point total is printed at the bottom of every receipt from any Board Game Barrister® store. Your MVP Point total is not available online at this time.


All the normal stuff: The Board Game Barrister® MVP Club and any individual MVP Club membership exists at the whim of Board Game Barrister, LLC and may be altered, suspended, discontinued, or revoked, in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of Board Game Barrister, LLC with or without notice.