Job Requirements for Essential Functions

Minimum Requirements for Essential Functions

  • Excellent and effective English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Follow company guidelines and training standards.
  • Has the ability to learn new computer systems, enter data, and process information quickly.
  • Spends nearly 100% of the time walking and standing.
  • Greet all customers 20-60 seconds after they enter the store.
  • Ability to learn a large number of new products and research independently.
  • Ability to use active listening skills to interpret customer needs and make connections to individualized recommendations.
  • Curiosity to meet the customer where they are.
  • Increase sales by providing high-touch customer service through use of the Window of Contact, BGB Pitch, Features and Benefits, and The Question.
  • Awareness of who is in the store at all times, what product is in their hands, and what products are where.
  • Ability to self-direct based on awareness, both prioritizing customers over tasks, and also finding work to do when there are no customers.
  • Ability to convey information with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Read and operate cash registers and fillable web forms accurately and efficiently.
  • Answer telephones and field customer questions pleasantly and accurately.
  • Take inventory of stock and merchandise product on shelves.
  • Loads and unloads boxes weighing up to 50 pounds from carts onto tables.
  • Packs and unpacks product from boxes from incoming shipments or outbound deliveries.
  • Operates computers and other retail and warehouse machinery such as telephone, barcode scanner, cash register, credit card terminal, printer/copier, walkie-talkie, shrink wrapper, pallet jack, security system, etc..
  • Complete routine maintenance and cleaning, such as vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, dusting, breaking down cardboard, cleaning, taking out trash, removing snow, and monitoring dehumidifiers and roof leak diverters, etc.

Warehouse Staff / Driver – Additional Requirements

  • Repetitively lifts boxes weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Continuously positions self and moves product on and off warehouse shelving, including at floor level and ascending/descending ladders and stairs.
  • Maintains awareness of where product is kept in the warehouse, and has the ability to learn the names of 75+ game, toy, and puzzle vendors and become familiar with their products.
  • Repetitively picks products from lists, scans products, and packs product securely into boxes.
  • Loads, unloads, and drives the delivery van in varying outdoor weather conditions.
  • Occasionally operates a snow blower in the winter.
  • Communicate with other warehouse staff to handle the processing of incoming shipments and outgoing transfers in a timely and orderly fashion.
  • Assess workflow daily and make decisions to effectively apply the company’s receiving procedure, pick list procedures, and delivery route procedure.
  • Effectively communicate with management team about warehouse status and workflow, and communicate with vendors via telephone and email.
  • Pause warehouse projects to greet customers, and provide the Barrister standard of customer service.
  • Stock the showroom shelves and change the window displays bi-weekly or as needed.
  • Look for safety hazards and maintenance issues, correcting them as able, and reporting them to management when necessary.
  • Maintain and periodically provide copies of a current, valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.
  • Drive safely and obey all traffic, vehicle safety, and parking laws or regulations.
  • Refrain from eating, texting, and other mobile phone use at all times while driving.
  • Schedule regular vehicle maintenance at the dealer, and take the vehicle in for service.

Wages and Benefits details

The starting wage for a Barrister is $11 per hour. A Barrister who diligently develops their knowledge and skills through Level Ups and demonstrates their capacity for additional responsibilities will increase their hourly wage to $14 during their first year and to $15 by their second December.

A Professional Enthusiast’s wage is $2 higher, such that their hourly wage will increase to $16 during their first year and to $17 by their second December.

  • $11 starting wage
  • +$1 when qualified to receive shipments and transfers, +2 Level Ups
  • +$1 when qualified to be a keyholder, +2 Level Ups
  • +$2 for becoming a Professional Enthusiast
  • +$1 each December after your first, +2 Level Ups; capped at your 5th December.

Full-time Barristers and Professional Enthusiasts are eligible for a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and 401k.