Job Opportunities

Who is a Barrister?

At the Board Game Barrister, our staff are called “Barristers” because they are special people who thrive learning something new and can keep a huge set of information in their head, ready to make recommendations to our customers — our guests. A Barrister loves to think on their feet, dealing with the wide array of questions our guests will ask, coming from all different directions with different goals in mind. A Barrister makes recommendations with confidence, while making mental connections to unlikely sources. A Barrister enjoys interacting with our guests, people from all walks of life, listening carefully to understand and help them find the best fun in the store.

What it takes to be a Barrister

Working as a Barrister is fun and games. But it is also a lot of work selling “fun” in the form of games (puzzles, and toys, too).

  • A Barrister must pleasantly and enthusiastically greet every guest: within seven seconds ninety percent of the time, and always within two minutes. This is a hallmark of The Board Game Barrister.
  • A Barrister must be able to speak intelligently and confidently about an abundance of fun games, puzzles, and toys, both in and out of the store. Within thirty days, a new Barrister will be able to speak intelligently and confidently about the top one hundred games in that store, and speak about the puzzle and toy lines generally Within ninety days, a Barrister will be able to speak intelligently and confidently about eighty percent of everything in the store, as well as speak confidently (if not intelligently) about everything fun, whether it is in the store or not.
  • A Barrister must be aware of everything and everyone in the store. Awareness means knowing where a product is located in the store at all times. Awareness means knowing who is in the store, what they are looking at or what they are holding in their hands. Awareness means listening to what our guests are saying, and providing advice and guidance where appropriate, even if they were not specifically addressing you. Awareness means more than identifying these things in the moment, but remembering over time, and making note when necessary.
  • A Barrister must pleasantly, accurately, and efficiently transact business at the register.
  • A Barrister must be industrious; a self-starter who attends to all the little things that must be done over and over. If a Barrister is not doing anything, they are doing something wrong.
  • A Barrister must be respectful — respectful of themselves, their store, their fellow Barristers, their guests, their community, and their competition. Respect means showing up on time. Respect means letting guests linger past closing if they are enjoying themselves. Respect means complimenting the competition. Respect means listening when others are talking. Respect means thinking before speaking, always keeping in mind the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • A Barrister must be patient. We sell fun — rather, we sell prospective fun — and different people will take to the prospect of that fun at different speeds. A Barrister is patient with all guests in the store, and on the phone — but not at the expense of other guests.

The training wage for a new Barrister is $8/hour, which increases to $8.50 after initial training and $9 when the SalesRx online virtual training is complete. If qualified for additional responsibilities, the wage can increase to $11 in a Barrister’s first year, and up to $15 over successive holiday seasons.

Want to be a Barrister? Please submit your resume in person, by mail or fill out the online form here.