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Want to run an event?

It’s easy to run events at the Board Game Barrister! Just tell us a bit about your event here.

Want to run a regular event?

Excellent! If your event qualifies, you can be eligible to become a Champion and earn perks, including discounts.

Want to reserve space in our event center for your group?

Please tell us the details about the size of your group, the date(s) and time(s) you would like to play games, and other details that might be relevant to the experience you have planned here. We can handle groups up to 12 most any time (likely exceptions are GlennCon weekend and Magic Prerelease Saturdays), and much larger groups can be accommodated at other times as well. We’ll confirm availability with you once we know the details of your group’s event.

Food and Beverage
Our event spaces are full of really nice games that we try hard to keep really nice. Unfortunately, pizza sauce and ice cream don’t play well with cards, cardboard, table cloths and carpets. So we have some limits on what sort of food and beverages are allowed in our stores:

  • North Shore: No outside food please. Drinks with screw-on tops are allowed (sodas, sports drinks, water, etc).
  • Mayfair: No outside food please. Drinks with screw-on tops are allowed (sodas, sports drinks, water, etc).

Want to reserve a specific game from our game library?

Our game library copies are often shared amongst the stores (and barristers sometimes take them home for “training”, too). So, even if we have a game in our library, it might not be at the location you are at when you want to play it. If there is a particular game you want to play on a particular day , let us know here and we’ll confirm that we will have what you want to play where you want to play when you want to play it.

Want the Board Game Barrister to run an event at your location?

Excellent, sounds like fun! If you would like a Barrister-run event at your location, please contact us with the details of your event. Please note, our Barrister Outings are must take place in the Metro Milwaukee Area, and carry a flat $100 fee. Find out more on the Offsite Events page.

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