Feedback–A Tip for Dungeon Masters

June 16, 2022

The game has just ended, the players are packing up and getting ready to head out, you close up your DM screen and toss your dice in your bag, but you are forgetting something. There is something that I have …

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All Access Pass–A Tip for Dungeon Masters

January 24, 2022

How much of your game time is spent just dumping information on your players? And, when you do a mass info dump, how much of it is retained by the players? We live in an age that provides us with …

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Respect is a Two-Way Street–A Tip for RPG Players

January 18, 2022

You are not alone in the world. And, I’m not just talking about the other characters. I’m talking about the NPC’s. In a fleshed out game world there are dozens, if not hundreds, or NPCs you’ll come across, merchants, soldiers, …

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Epic Encounters–What you’ll find in the box!

July 15, 2021


It’s game night, and you have nothing planned. Maybe you forgot, maybe life just got too busy, or maybe it’s a spur of the moment pick-up game, but you need something for your players and you need it now. …

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Comedy: A Time and a Place–A Tip for Dungeon Masters

July 12, 2021

Comedy can be a great tool to ease the tension a bit in more dramatic scenes, and used properly it can really enhance the game. In some games, comedy plays a much bigger role; sometimes it is even the central …

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This Game Isn’t for You–A Tip for RPG Players

July 5, 2021

“This game isn’t for you.” I’m not saying this to you to be a gatekeeper. I’m not saying this to you to be mean or to exclude you in any way. In fact, I’m not saying this to you at …

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Soundtrack–A Tip for Dungeon Masters

June 28, 2021

What is the soundtrack for your game? I have found that using background music can add that extra element to the immersion into your game world. Whether you are playing online or in person, adding a soundtrack is quick and …

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I’m Just Playing My Character–A Tip for RPG Players

June 15, 2021

This one is mostly for the Players. Words that no Dungeon Master wants to hear from a player: “Hey, I’m just playing my character.” This is often the refrain of someone that has done something that derails the game in …

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Voices–A Tip for Dungeons Masters

June 8, 2021

Voices and accents can do a lot to create a more vibrant game world and interesting characters. That doesn’t mean you need to use them in your game, but in mine, I find they create deeper immersion for the players …

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Impossible Tasks–A Tip for Dungeon Masters

May 31, 2021

There will come at time as a DM that a player will want to attempt something that is utterly impossible. Maybe it is dive to the bottom of the ocean just by holding their breath, or carry that dead dragon …

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