Zombie Kidz Evolution

March 14, 2019

Well, it happened. The zombie apocalypse arrived, and these undead creeps are swarming our school!

We’re well armed with water cannons, skateboards and laser swords—and we’re definitely smarter than this foot-dragging, groaning horde—but are we quick enough to lock them out of the schoolyard before they overrun us?

Welcome to Zombie Kidz Evolution

In this puzzle-y, addictive, cooperative game, you and your fellow players will choose which character to play, then set out to rid the school of its zombie infestation—and you’ll UNLOCK more parts of the game the more you play!

The goal of the game is to work together and lock all four gates into the schoolyard—BEFORE the game’s supply of zombies runs dry. In order to lock a gate, you’ll need to land on a gate space where another player is already waiting, and end your turn there.

Incredibly Easy to Learn
On your turn, you’ll roll the zombie die to see in which room the next zombie appears. Place the new zombie (unless you roll the blank side of the die, in which case no new zombies appear) and then make a choice:

  • Move into an adjacent room
  • Or stay in the room you’re already in

At the end of your turn, you’ll defeat any zombies in your room and return them to the zombie supply.


Three’s a Crowd
Once a room has three zombies in it, that room becomes overrun. This means that players can no longer enter that room, and if a player is already there during their turn, they must move to an adjacent space. Overrun rooms are dangerous, because zombies can keep piling up there, and there is no way

Progress & Achievements
The game is QUICK, and you’ll be done with your first round of play in under ten minutes.

And this is where the addictive elements come into play; each time you win a game, you get to add one or more stickers to your progress chart—one for winning, plus each player who completed an achievement can add one more achievement sticker.

Achievements can be anything from, Win a game with two players to Win a game with only six zombies in the supply.

Each time you reach an Envelope icon on your progress chart, you’ll open the next secret sealed envelope in the box. What’s inside? All we can say is that you’ll find new ways to make the game more interesting, complex and difficult—all on your path to the mythical Envelope 13.


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