Vortex: A Storm of Strategy!

March 19, 2019

Twist it, turn it, win it! Vortex is a new game that has come raging into Board Game Barrister. It has tactics, it has excitement, it has ways to mess with your opponents, causing neverending animosity and bitter resentment between friends! … not really though, unless you’re mean—it is just a game after all, let it go…..

In the few days since Vortex arrived, I’ve come to greatly enjoy it. I’ve only had the opportunity to play it twice (and I took dead last both times!), but each time it has tested my mind. With its simple rule set, Vortex is easy to learn for casual and veteran game-players alike.

Here’s how it works:

The game board is a series of tiles placed around handles. By lifting a handle, all 6 of the surrounding tiles are lifted as well. At this point, you can then turn the handle to rotate all of the lifted tiles, then drop it back into the desired position.

And that’s it! The goal of the game is to simply get the 6 tiles of your color from your beginning corner to the opposite side of the board. However, the true complexity and tactics come in when you start bumping into the other players! Soon your pieces will begin to intermingle with the other players’, and what seemed like a simple jump across the board is now a spinning vortex of mayhem! Not only that, but allowing up to six total players can really cause some chaotic games to ensue.

Will you spend your turn trying to get your pieces as far across the board as possible? Will you spend time trying to hamper your opponents, trapping their pieces between yours? Or will you try and do both?

Vortex is similar to classic strategy games like Chess, Checkers, and Go, in that it takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Stop by your closest Board Game Barrister location to try your hand at controlling the storm of strategy that is Vortex!


Jay V

Jay is a Barrister at our Mayfair location. Stop in and chat with him about his favorite games!

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