Upcoming RPG Sessions: Microscope & Wield

May 9, 2019

Most of us spend a decent amount of time creating a character when we go to play an RPG. We then take yet more time to examine their backstory: Where do they come from? What is their family like? What kind of motivation do they have for becoming the character that we want to play? And then our game master takes our wonderful creations and sets them loose in a world full of places to go and people to interact with.

But where does that world come from? Frequently it’s built from a module or from the mind of the game master themselves. This June, however, instead of building a character in a world that has been constructed by someone else, we will become sentient items in a world of our own creation.


A game about building the history of a world. Together we will create events, locations, factions, and all of the other things that go into an era. From its founding until its downfall, we will determine how nations come to be, what sparks calamities, and note the appearance of heroes. We’ll dig deeper into specific points in time and find out why a king was assassinated, where the nobles hid the last of their line, and what the impact of a single invention can have on the growing world.

Once we’ve completed the history of that era, our perspectives will shift. Instead of writing together to build the world, we will become agents of our own design picking up at the end of our collective history in Wield…


You are a Vatcha. A sentient item. Created by magic or circumstance with your own goals and objectives. A tool for some, a weapon for others, but on occasion, the beings you “wield” will become a pawn for you to use instead. With the chance to dominate the mind of a mortal, how far will you push them to accomplish your goal? Or will you let them do as they please, form a contract or agreement, and grant them some of your powers instead?

This June at RPG Roulette, we’ll spend the first two Thursdays creating history in Microscope.

Then the third and fourth Thursdays will be our chance to leave a unique mark on the world as we travel through it in Wield.

Anthony S

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