Three Great After-Dinner Games for the Holidays

November 16, 2020

You’ve got a belly full of roasted goodies and savory snacks. There’s cookies and pie waiting on the counter. What else is there to do while you digest except break out an after-dinner game and share a few laughs before dessert?

We believe that all the best after-dinner games don’t demand too much of the body or the mind (Basically, you don’t really have to move or think to play). And here are our three favorites for this holiday season.

Health Note: We certainly don’t encourage large get-togethers for the holidays this year. If you are planning to get together with a couple of friends or family members, these games are just as fun with 3 or 4 players as they are with larger groups.

#1—Hues & Cues

Okay, which hue would you guess if my cue was… Queasy Iguana? How about Hawaiian Sunset?

Hues and Cues is a vibrant game of colorful communication where you’ll connect super-specific colors to two-word clues. Try to get your fellow players to guess correctly among the 480 hues available, and the closer their guesses are to the target, the more points everyone earns!

Points for Being Inclusive: We’re especially fond of this game because of the way it includes most players with different color perceptions or color vision deficiencies. In fact, the names of colors are never used in this game. So no matter how you see an “Unripe Banana,” that shade will match up on the board just the same as it does on the actual object.

For 3-10 Players, Ages 8+

#2—Just One

Everyone looks at this round’s word, except for one player who will be trying to guess what the word is. Let’s say this round’s word is CIRCUS. We’ll all get to help the “guesser” by secretly writing just one word down to act as a clue. I’m writing ELEPHANT, how about you?

But here’s the trick: before the guesser gets to see our clues, they’ll close their eyes while we all look at each other’s clues. If any two players wrote the same word for their clue, then neither of them gets to show their clue to the guesser this round!

Great for video chat: Just One was one of our top games in 2019, and it gets special mention again this holiday season for being a game that’s easy to play over video chat as long as one person has a copy of the game.

For 3-7 Players (though you can add more with some extra paper and sharpies)
Ages 8+

#3—Telestrations: Upside Drawn

We promised you wouldn’t have to think fast with these after dinner games, and as long as you don’t think too much in Telestrations: Upside Drawn, you’ll be just fine.

Team up with a partner and read a secret word that only you know. Now, your partner will hold the pen still while you move the drawing board underneath it. It’s up to your partner to figure out what they’re drawing.

Then you’ll switch roles for the next round!

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