The New “Orange” Prerelease Event at Bayshore

September 14, 2018


We’re introducing something new for Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease at Bayshore!

The Saturday Morning “Orange” event will feature two optional bonus rounds, where you’ll be able to add one of your prize packs to your prerelease pool and play for even more packs!

We’re excited to offer this optional event extension, and a great way to use one of your prize packs immediately!

Join us for Saturday Morning Orange on Saturday, September 29!




See the full Prerelease Weekend events schedule.


Saturday Morning “Orange” Event
10:30am day-of registration. 11:00am start. 4 rounds.
Prizes for this event include a booster pack per match win, and a playmat for all players who go 4-0.

  • Orange Event Bonus Rounds—$5 Entry
    4:00pm registration during Orange event. 4:30pm start. 2 rounds.
    Add one of your prize packs to your Sealed pool, and play for two additional prerelease rounds!
    Prizes for these bonus rounds are a booster pack per match win.