The NEW Barrister Wish Lists

May 19, 2015

The Board Game Barrister’s infamous owner has done it again! Another tool to make shopping easier for customers as well as well wishers. You know that feeling when you walk into our store looking for something specific and you end up finding a ton of items that you also want? Well now you can make a Wish List or Registry! This is mainly used for you, our Most Value Customers, to be able to share your wants and wishes with friends and families.

Here is how it works:
GET READY: Come in to any Board Game Barrister location.
GET SET: Grab a basket or two!
AND GO: Take your time browsing the store, we suggest starting with your favorites first, and filling your basket with all the items that your heart desires.
FINISH LINE: Once you have found all of your desires, come up to the register with your MVP information and we will build your BGB Wish List into our system.
SHARE THE VICTORY: Now that your Wish List is registered, it is up to you to tell your family and friends that you are registered at the Board Game Barrister.

It is just as easy to make a Wish List as it is to shop off of one! When you come into the store to purchase items from a Wish List or Registry here is what you are going to do:
PREPARE: Make sure you know the first and last name of the person you are shopping for, or to make it really easy for yourself just jot down their MVP number.
GEAR UP: Begin your shopping adventure at the register. Using the MVP customer data you give us, including name or MVP number, we will print you a copy of the Wish List you are looking for.
ADVENTURE: The Wish List will be your most valuable tool as you work on making your selection of the perfect gift. It will tell you the name of all the items, the prices, and how many copies there are on hand at the store you are currently shopping at. Browse by yourself or grab the nearest Barrister employee to aid you in choosing the gift that fits right.
LOOT THE LIST: Okay you have gone through the list and made your selections, now you are ready to check out. First, let the Barrister employee see the list so that they can remove the items from the correct Wish List so that there are no accidental duplicate items. Then let us do the work! At Greenfield, we can even wrap the items up for you immediately, free of charge as well!
RELAX: Your shopping is done and ready to go to the person in need. Take your boots off and set your mind at ease, you got your special person exactly what they want.

There are many ways you can use the Wish List, from just having an easy list of games you want to eventually add to your collection to using it for a special occasion like a birthday party or wedding registry. Stop by any of our stores and grab a basket to get started! Don’t forget to grab some business cards as well on your way out to make it even easier for your friends and family to find us! Thank you for shopping local and supporting us!

Lauren G.

Lauren G. is a Barrister and a college student at Carroll University studying business management. She loves horses and kittens. Lauren loves cats so much that she volunteers with New Life Cat Rescue. (Anyone want to adopt a kitten?) Lauren's favorite games include the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Munchkin, Fluxx, and Magic the Gathering.

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