Tabletop Day 2019: Schedule of Events

May 19, 2019

Lords and Ladies, Royalty and Rogues, your Schedule of Events for Tabletop Day 2019 has arrived!

Tabletop Day 2019 is Saturday, June 1

Check out the schedule of events below. Each of these games will have a dedicated, knowledgeable event runner there to explain the rules and answer questions.

Want to host one of your favorite games? Let us know, and you could be a line on this list!

Noon   Zombie Kidz
Noon   Magic: Standard Showdown
1:00PM   Tiny Towns
2:00PM   Planet
2:30PM   D&D Adventurers League
3:00PM   Avengers: Thanos Rising
4:00PM   Sushi Go
5:00PM   Splendor
6:00PM   Mysterium
7:00PM   Dungeons & Doggies



10:30AM   Tiny Towns
11:00AM   Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
Noon   Sagrada
Noon   Avengers: Thanos Rising
Noon   Magic: Standard Showdown
Noon   HeroClix
1:00PM   Star Wars: X-Wing, Armada & Legion
2:00PM   Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
3:00PM   LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth
3:00PM   Unlock! (The Formula)
3:00PM   D&D Adventurers League
4:00PM   Sushi Roll
5:30PM   LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth
7:00PM   Planet
8:00PM   Monikers



11:00AM   5-Minute Dungeon
11:00AM   Planet
Noon   Takenoko
Noon   Zombie Kidz
Noon   Magic: Standard Showdown
Noon   Casual Painting
1:00PM   Avengers: Thanos Rising
2:00PM   Sushi Roll
2:00PM   Dice Forge
3:00PM   Tiny Towns
3:00PM   Spy Club
4:00PM   Call to Adventure
4:00PM   LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth
5:00PM   Arkham Horror: The Card Game
5:30PM   Dungeons & Dragons
6:00PM   Gen 7


2:00PM   Betrayal at House on the Hill
3:00PM   Roll Player
4:00PM   Codenames: Harry Potter
5:00PM   Celestia
6:00PM   Red Dragon Inn
7:00PM   4-Bidden Words

This events and times on this schedule may change slightly between now and June 1, so check back in for updates, and to confirm your event times!

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