Pugmire: Who’s a Good Little Adventurer?

April 17, 2019

How good of a boy are you?

It’s an odd question for a human, but for one of the brave dogs of Pugmire? It’s a question that guides their every way of life!

Pugmire is a tabletop RPG from Onyx Path Publishing, where you and your fellow players will play as a party of dogs! Choose your Breed and Calling—perhaps you’re a Doberman Guardian, or a Corgi Ratter—and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Pugmire uses a streamlined version of the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset.  And as 5th edition D&D is considered by many to be the gateway to the RPG genre, this game is ideal for beginning roleplaying gamers.  Pugmire also contains everything one would need to run a game all in one book. Character creation, gameplay rules, monsters, and spells are all present and easy to understand.

The book itself is only 254 pages, with lavish illustrations of the creatures found in this world.  The writing is colorful and descriptive, enhancing the rules with descriptions directly from noteworthy dogs of Pugmire.  I find this type of rule description fun and helpful, especially because it cuts the dryness of pure rules recitation. However, where this game really shines is in the setting and the characters found therein.

The setting of Pugmire outwardly resembles a fantasy world where the races are animals. There are the various breeds of dogs, the mysterious cats, the rough and tumble badgers, and so on. However this appearance is only skin-deep, as this setting has much more in common with the silly and absurd cartoon, Adventure Time, than with Lord of the Rings. This is a post-post-apocalyptic world, folks!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term post-post-apocalyptic, it is a setting that takes place long after the world has ended and begun anew in a totally different fashion. Adventure Time, for instance, takes place long after something known as the Mushroom War.  In Pugmire, the setting takes place long after the mysterious race known as “Man” has vanished from the world, leaving various uplifted races behind.

The dogs of Pugmire then are exploring and settling this world left to them by man and striving to be a “Good Dog.”  Pugmire itself is a kingdom in the setting founded by, as you may have guessed, a noble line of pugs. However, all dogs are welcome within its walls (and some cats, too!) as long as they work together for the greater good of canine-kind!

There is magic (in the form of long lost “mankind” made items of power that only some dogs can use), mystery (Where did mankind go? What are those cats up to in the Lands of Mau?), and adventure (Silent invisible demons lurk waiting for unwary dogs!) aplenty in this setting.  With a good group and a talented game master this world may be left to the dogs, but the stories to be told are worth their weight in bones!

Erik S

Erik is a Barrister at the North Shore location. He is most commonly referred to as "Doc" by his friends and is a font of useless information on all topics of RPGs. When not ranting about different role playing game systems, narrative vs simulationist play, or anything to do with education you'll find him helping with Keyforge events or running the kids D&D tables on weekends. He is also a part time mad scientist that is definitely NOT planning world domination using pink fluffy bunnies of DOOM.

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