Pop-Up Gen Con Schedule—North Shore

July 28, 2019

Can’t make it to Indianapolis for Gen Con this year?

We have great news—Pop-Up Gen Con is coming to Board Game Barrister!

Find out more about Pop-Up Gen Con here.


North Shore Schedule of Games

10AM—Noon:  Medium & Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates
Noon—2PM:  Bargain Quest & Hadara
2PM—4PM:   Terror Below & Trapwords
4PM—6PM:  We’re Doomed & Mental Blocks
6PM—8PM:  Love Letter & Hypothetically Fun

These scheduled times are simply suggestions. We may be able to run any of the listed games any time—just ask!

Hoping to try Pathfinder Second Edition?
Join us for introductory sessions, August 3 & 4 at our Greenfield location!

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