Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers in 2021

December 2, 2021



What the Heck
Great decision-making, tension and hilarious moments that make you want to shout “What the Heck?!”–all in a tiny box that takes only seconds to learn.

Exit: The Game
Choose a theme and work together to solve all the puzzles in time! These escape room-style challenges provide thematic tools, clever clues and fascinating hands-on puzzles.

Abandon All Artichokes
Tons of vegetables to pick from and new ways to build your garden–all to get rid of those pesky artichokes!



Wilson & Shep
Cute little cat and mouse game played asymmetrically where Wilson the wolf in sheep’s clothing tries to hide in Shep’s flock of sheep.

The Crew
A Co-Op trick taking game like Sheepshead or Euchre where the players attempt to accomplish tasks by taking the correct tricks without sharing any information about their hands.

Thought provoking deduction game about sharing limited information to keep the highest scoring card through the process of elimination.



Trash Pandas
Silly fun collecting things from the garbage, exemplifying the notion of one man’s trash is another raccoons treasure

Tofu Kingdom
Fantastic social deduction game where I get to see how good my friends are at deception

Quick play empty your hand card game with llamas, what more needs to be said?



Great mixture of puzzle-solving, short-term and long-term planning, and player interaction in one of my favorite roll-and-write games.

Mass Transit
A quick, easy-to-learn cooperative game about managing the evening commute from downtown to the suburbs.  Getting everyone home for dinner has never felt so good!

I loved mazes as a kid.  These massive multi-level mazes on completely replayable fold-out maps that you explore as you go are the perfect gift for the solo-player who likes to think through puzzles, kid or adult.



A quick-thinking game of competitive creativity that will have you laughing.

Dungeon Mayhem
An easy-to-learn battle royale game featuring unique character decks.

Secret Squad
The completely hilarious cross between a hidden identity / deduction game and a “how well do you know your friends” game.

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