Open for Limited In-Store Shopping!

August 20, 2020

You read that headline right!

We are open for limited in-store shopping

Current Store Hours
Monday-Saturday: 11AM -to- 7PM
Sundays: Noon -to- 6PM

Locations Available: Mayfair & North Shore

Please read this post in its entirety to prepare for your in-store visit.

Orders in our Online Store and In-Store Pickup are still active and encouraged!

You can find the full line of reasoning behind this decision in Gordon’s Recent Blog Post.

In short, the local metrics still aren’t where we’d like them to be, or where by all rights, they should have been months ago. However, we’ve seen other businesses set a great example for how to be open while still putting safety first; so we plan to set a great example as well by implementing firm research-based precautions to promote the safety of our shoppers and our Barristers. So without further ado…

Welcome to Phase One

Face Masks Required

This would have been true prior to Evers’ mask mandate, so we’re definitely enforcing it. All shoppers are required to have a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth.

This is an airborne virus; wearing a mask is the single most-important thing we can all do to prevent sending more virus into the air.

If you are the sort of person to play fast-and-loose with the mask rules:
We will ask you to pull it up over your nose and down over your chin. We will ask you keep it properly applied even if you’re in a secluded part of the store. If you do not wish to comply with those requests, we will ask you to leave.

For our part, we will be wearing face masks for your safety. And for the Barristers’ safety, we’ll also have face shields or protective glasses—this part isn’t required of you, but you’re certainly welcome to go full protective mode as well!

If you are unable to wear a facial covering for medical reasons, prior to your visit, call 414-988-1721 for available accommodations.

6-Person Capacity—Maximum of 2 per group

In order to maintain social distancing, our stores’ customer capacity is currently 6. This way, you know that you’ll have space enough to shop without any possibility of crowding.

Only two individuals per group will be admitted, so please plan ahead.

If we are at capacity when you arrive, a Barrister will let you know and ask you to wait outside the store, or if you’d prefer, to return later.

Please maintain a distance of at least six feet from your fellow shoppers while you’re in the store. There won’t be many of them, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

10-Minute Shopping Limit

Though we cherish the luxury of getting lost in the game store while browsing, we ask that you limit your time in the store to 10 minutes.

That said, you’re still welcome to browse! We’ll be happy to discuss games that look interesting, show you what’s new and make suggestions while you’re here—all from six feet away, of course.

This precaution primarily serves to limit the amount of virus droplets present in the air, even from those who may not know they have it, as well as to allow other shoppers to enter the store during busier times.

No Public Restrooms

We’re committing our sanitization efforts to the public spaces in the shopping areas of the stores, rather than attempting to maintain the vigorous sanitization schedule required to provide public restroom use at this time, so our restrooms will not be available in this phase of re-opening.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We have an extensive cleaning regimen for all common surfaces in the store, which will be carried out at regular intervals throughout the day.

Contact surfaces and items used by other individuals, such as pens or pin pads, will be quarantined for 3 days or sanitized after each use.

No Events or Game Library

It’s just not time yet. We’ll reintroduce our gaming spaces and events when a vaccine or equivalent solution has been widely distributed throughout the population.

For now, you’re welcome to join us for virtual events, like GlennCon, September 4-6!


Online Shopping Still Available

Again, orders in our Online Store and In-Store Pickup remain available. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable within the precautions we have set up, we completely understand, and we’ll do our best to make sure you have access to our selection of games, toys and puzzles without needing to set foot in our stores.

On that note, stay tuned for our upcoming interactive online shopping experience—Virtual Barrister!