Numenera Thursdays: Welcome to the Ninth World

January 28, 2019

As you file in to take a seat, or stand as might be your way, the aged man glances between you. Verax Murmen. You’d heard of or seen his request posted in various locations over the last year and slowly made your way to his residence, the final day to gather being this.

He studies your face, your manner, your dress. And as you sit in some relative silence he gives a small, satisfied smile, then begins to speak, his voice whispery. “I’m glad that the ones who answered my request seem so capable. I’ve even heard a few of you mentioned by name or reputation in the past between cities.”

From beneath a nearby desk he pulls out a small metal box. Circular shapes and patterns adorn each side, top and bottom. Verax sets it down between you and grins. “Now, the request was to follow a path and explore the location at that destination. This will be guiding that path.” He gently unlocks and opens it, showing you how to do so.

Inside rests a sphere of disks slightly larger than your fist. He turns the box as you watch arrow shaped notches slide along the disks, keeping themselves pointed in the same direction no matter which way he holds it. Three of these arrows are blue, two are red. The rest all maintain some shade of brown or grey, the colors like liquid over its surface.

“This is a compass of sorts. Each of these arrows points towards something. I found it some years ago in one of the more recent ruins here in Thaemor. I want you to follow one of these two markers, explore whatever place you find, and then return here to me with the compass. You will of course be paid for your time and efforts. My reputation has earned me a decent amount of capital to give you as reward.”

Of the two directions that he indicated you can see that those arrows are larger than the rest. A quick inquiry tells you that, apparently, the closer you are to the location, the larger the marker will become.

And now it is up to you. Verax will assist you in entering a caravan if you decide to go East, over the Black Riage and into the Beyond. Or your group can travel North, towards the Amber Monolith and the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

And so the game of Numenera Begins.

Who are you in this space? Are you Glaive, armed to the teeth, a master of weapons? A Nano, someone whose mind and control of themselves can even affect their surroundings? The Wright. A builder, designer, craftsman. Are you an Arkus? Leader of people, architect of councils and towns. A Delve, destined to explore ruins that may have the chance to slay others, but never yourself. Or are you a Jack. Pulling and teasing from the other styles, touching each of their disciplines, but never mastering any yourself.

The Boardgame Barrister at Mayfair Mall will be running a one month mini-campaign for Numenera starting on Thursday the 7th of February. The game will begin at 6pm and last until 8:30pm every Thursday until the end of the month. If you’re looking to explore a small portion of what the Ninth World has to offer, please stop by!

Check out the event page here.


Anthony S

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