New Logo and Mascot!

April 1, 2016


While I’ve always been a fan of our “Board Game Barrister” name, I must admit that it has often caused some problems.  We’ve been called “The Game Board Barrister”, the “Board Room Barrister”, the “Board Game” with nothing more, the “Board Game Bannister” (my personal favorite – who doesn’t love the idea of playing a game on a staircase?), and, of course, the most common: “Board Game Barista”.  If we ever open a coffee bar, that will be the name, definitely.

Back in 2012, we tried making a Barrister mascot to help with the association.  You can see him on parts of this website and on the occasional in-store sign.

The board game barrister

But, let’s face it, having a white-powdered-wig’ed English attorney for a mascot isn’t really compelling.  Mascots should be cute, preferably four-legged and fuzzy.  So, today, 01 April 2016, our old mascot is being transformed into a white-wigged gavel-wielding wild pig.  And who doesn’t like wild pigs?  Looks great, definitely cute, and kinda fuzzy.  Sure, we do need to change our name, but knitting our name and our mascot will be such an improvement that it is with great pleasure that I bring you our new name with our new logo:


Look for our new line Boar Game Barrister plush boars, wigs, and squeaky gavels coming soon.

The one thing we haven’t been able to agree on is what to name our new fuzzy friend.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!



Gordon L.

Gordon, a.k.a. "the" Barrister, or simply "G", opened the first Board Game Barrister store in 2005 in a fit of delusion: that he could both finish up law school and start a retail business - one has worked out, the other less so. Gordon loves working in the toy industry, which is filled with wonderful people who love what they do; he loves working with his fellow Barristers; and he loves the community of people that has grown around the playing of games together at the Board Game Barrister stores. If Gordon were a Dungeons & Dragons character, he would be a lawful goody-two-shoes silicon wizard with a skills in perl and complex compound sentences. Gordon loves many games, but when forced to choose he went with China, Power Grid, Lost Cities, and Empire Builder.

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