Family Game Spotlight: Fairy Tile

April 9, 2018

Once upon a time, there lived a Princess, a Knight, a Dragon—and a pile of tiles!

Welcome to Fairy Tile, a fascinating game for 2-4 players where you’ll tell a new story every time you play. Your tale lives in your hand of story cards, and it’s up to you to tell it.

On your turn, you’ll choose whether to:

  • Expand the kingdom by adding a new tile from the stack;
  • Or move one character.

Each character will play important roles on your story cards and has unique movement rules. (For instance, the Princess can move one space at a time, or teleport between two castles!)

If one of your cards says, “The Princess and the Knight meet on the river,” it’s up to you to make their destiny a reality. Bring them together across the rushing rapids, and read your story out loud.

Be the first to read all the Pages of your Book to win the game!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Play Time: 30 min
  • Category: Family game

Fairy Tile is on the shelves now, so stop into your closest Board Game Barrister for a closer look!

Andy B

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