Mazescape coming soon: Mazes with a sense of discovery and decision-making

May 1, 2021

We’re wildly excited for Mazescape, an upcoming series of adventure activities that add tons of dimension to the classic concept of mazes.

Each Mazescape challenge is an immersive journey that spans dozens of scenes within a booklet. Each time you arrive at a fold in the map, you decide whether to continue on the path you can see, or to flip one layer deeper and continue to what lies beyond—sort of like maze meets choose-your-own adventure. (It’s a little tough to describe, but you can get a better sense of what I mean by “folds” and “deeper” in the video below)

Flip back and forth through each winding puzzle, discover new areas with amazing sights to see, and attempt to find your way back to the real world! And there are seven unique mazes in each box.

Because the whole maze is done with a stylus, they’re 100% replayable. In fact, each maze offers additional special objectives and minigames to try after your first time reaching the end.

We can’t wait for the first two Mazescape sets to arrive so we can crack them open and start playing. They look like they’ll be a great, portable solo activity for waiting rooms, camping, before bed, and wherever else.

Sound like your kind of adventure? Check out Mazescape for yourself!

Watch Mazescape in action in this video from Devir Games.