Masks Required at In-Store Events –Effective August 4, 2021

August 3, 2021

As we watch the local COVID-19 case counts continue to climb, we are introducing a mask requirement for in-store play.

Face Masks Required at In-Store Events

  • Players in in-store events must wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth while participating in the event.
  • In-store events currently include our organized calendar events as well as open gaming at our North Shore location.
  • Forgot your mask? We have free disposable masks available. Please ask a Barrister for a shiny new mask of your very own.

Thank you so much for continuing to help us keep our in-store events a safe and responsible place to play.

What about In-Store Shopping?

  • Masks are not currently required for in-store shopping.
  • Our team will be masked up around the stores.
  • We have plenty of disposable masks for your convenience, so if you’d like one, you’re welcome to it!


Online Shopping Always Available

Orders in our Online Store and In-Store Pickup remain available. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable within the precautions we have set up, we completely understand, and we’ll do our best to make sure you have access to our selection of games, toys and puzzles without needing to set foot in our stores.