Making Dice—Day 3: Demolding

December 28, 2019

Start making your own dice—from start to finish!

Check out Day Two: Casting, if you missed it last time.

Day Three: Demolding

Here we are. You waited a full 24 hours before touching your molds even though you really really wanted to. Now, you’re allowed to give it a cursory tap on the resin (if you used an open faced mold) to see if it’s cured.

  • Cured resin will be hard, dry, and smooth to the touch.
  • Uncured resin will be very sticky or even wet.

If it’s the former, congratulations! Take care when pulling your dice out and don’t rip the silicone too much so you can use it again later.

If it’s the latter, something happened either when mixing the resin initially, or something in your added materials didn’t sit right.

When you have uncured resin, stick it in the freezer overnight and wait for it to get properly frozen. You can then pull them out of the molds and toss them – they’re not gonna cure for anything after a certain point.

Unsure if they’re a loss? If there’s just the slightest stickiness to your dice, they might still be saved! Freeze them overnight if they’re a little too sticky to remove right away, pop them out of the molds, and stick them in the oven on a low temperature to kickstart the curing process. DON’T cure dice like this in a stove oven. It can seriously contaminate food that goes in after. I have a small toaster oven at home that’s specifically for arts and crafts (because shrinky dink plastic is also not good to put in your kitchen oven apparently).

If the stickiness is gone, you’ve done it! You now have some actual dice! Go on, go ahead and hear the sweet, sweet clacking of a job well done.




Jess P

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