Magic Ruling: Traitorous Fish!

February 23, 2018

This week’s ruling is quick, but tricky!

We have Mutiny in our hand.

Our opponent has Fleet Swallower and Master of Waves. (It’s not looking good)

Even though the Master of Waves has protection from red, can we cast Mutiny and force the Fleet Swallower to kill the Master?


The answer: No, we cannot.

We’ll see why this is when we take another look at what Protection actually protects the Master of Waves from, using the acronym DEBT.

Damaged – Obviously, red sources can’t damage something that has protection from red. However, we’re not trying to deal damage with a red source; we’re trying to use the red source to make the Fleet Swallower, a blue source, deal the damage. So we’ve circumvented the Damage portion of protection.

Enchanted/Equipped – Mutiny is a Sorcery, so no worries about this part of protection.

Blocked – Definitely not trying to block the Master of Waves with our Sorcery, so we’re good here.

Targeted – Are we trying to target Master of Waves? Ah, we are. In the case of Mutiny, both the damage dealer AND damage taker are targets of the spell, and there is no way to target the Master through the protection. In fact, if our opponent controls no other creatures, Mutiny will fizzle entirely for lack of enough legal targets.

So it’s the T in DEBT that will disallow us from getting back into this game. 

Time to get eaten by a giant fish…


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