Magic Newsflash: Errant Emails & Upcoming Grand Prix Trials

July 9, 2015

Well, I goofed up. This week’s Magic Newsletter mentioned our new series of Magic Grand Prix Trials (GPTs), and boy, did it get it wrong. I copied over some description that was very clearly not meant to apply to GPTs – something about PTQs, incorrect formats and assorted other nonsense. If you read that newsletter, you have my permission to forget that entire section.

So, here’s what’s actually up with our new series of Grand Prix Trials:

By competing in Grand Prix Trials at the Barrister, you have the opportunity to win big prizes and take an early lead at upcoming Grand Prix tournaments. And as of May 2015, our GPTs are now $1K events!*  The Top 8 players all win MVP credit. Each Grand Prix Trial also corresponds to a specific Grand Prix and will award its winner with a two-round bye for that event – that means two free wins to start the Grand Prix.

*with attendance of at least 60 players.

Each GPT will take place over a number of swiss rounds based on attendance, followed by a cut to top-8 and three single-elimination rounds. Byes are only eligible for use in the Grand Prix linked to the Grand Prix Trial and are not transferrable to other players or future tournaments.

For full details on GPT structure, registration and prizes, read our full event description.

Upcoming Grand Prix Trials at Board Game Barrister

July 25 – GPT Madison – Standard – BGB Greenfield
Aug 15 – GPT Madison – Standard – BGB Greenfield
Aug 29 – Details TBA
Sept 12 – GPT Madison – Standard – BGB Bayshore

What is a Magic Grand Prix?
Grand Prix are the biggest open Magic events run around the world. These exciting three-day festivals feature a two-day main event with thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Plus, you’ll find artist signings and more side events than you could possibly play in your most fevered Magic-induced dreams.

Thanks all, and we hope to see you at a GPT soon!