International Tabletop Day, April 28, Free Gaming and Events All Saturday

March 20, 2018

The Schedule of Events for Tabletop Day is now live! Visit the events lists now!

Friends, Gamers, Champions—Lend me your dice!

International Tabletop Day draws near! On April 28, gamers across the globe will come together as a community to celebrate and share our passions—by playing more games!

Board Game Barrister is getting in on the fun with an all-day schedule of events and free open gaming for those who want to spend the day exploring our wall of demo games.

So get in on the fun, discover some great new games, and maybe you’ll walk away with some goodies and promos for your favorites.

View the Full Schedule of Events Here.


New* Premium Events
As you peruse the Tabletop Day Schedule of Events, you’ll note that some of the games are denoted in bold. These Premium Events offer additional prizes and promos for their players.  Because of this, each Premium Event carries an entry fee between $3 and $5. If you’re a Smash Up fan, you could take home the All-Star Faction pack, or if you prefer a Western theme, vie for the rights to the Colt Express playmat!
See all the full list of Premium Events here.




Host your Favorite Games
Bring your passions to the table! This is your chance to spread the love for your favorite games and find folks to play with. Worker placement, deck-building, roleplaying, party games, bluffing, miniatures and social deduction games—whatever you want to play on the international holiday for our favorite hobby!

(Oh, and did I mention? You’ll get MVP points for every game you host!)

Fill out this quick form about what you’d like to run, and we’ll get back to you to confirm your event time! (It really is that easy.)

A few notes on filling out the event form:
– First, please be sure to mention that you want to run the event as part of Tabletop Day.
– Second, an accurate event duration, player capacity and multiple potential start times are invaluable when we’re building out the schedule.
– Third, thank you for helping us make Tabletop Day amazing!

Prefer to play games rather than run them?
Brilliant! Playing games is what International Tabletop Day is all about, and we’ll have plenty of event runners looking for players to fill their tables! Stop in and celebrate the tabletop games you love surrounded by your fellow gamers, all day at the Board Game Barrister locations in Bayshore, Greenfield and Mayfair!