HABA Affiliate Program

March 25, 2020

Games can play a great part in the educational development of children, and HABA has a fantastic selection and has been a staple in our games section. Now, even with our doors closed due to current situation, you can still enjoy fun and educational games while supporting your local game store.
Visit https://www.habausa.com and use the Coupon Code VCD1BR0NJD to get 10% off your order and free shipping on orders over $30.
Looking for some suggestions?
Dragon’s Breath is a favorite of mine and my nieces. We all play as baby dragons trying to collect gems for our new treasure troves. Unfortunately, the gems are frozen in ice, and as hatchlings, we can’t breathe fire hot enough to melt the ice. Each turn one of us will get help from Papa Dragon. Chose a color of gem that you think will fall when the top layer of ice is removed, then each other player in order chooses a remaining color. Remove the top ring and any gems that match your color that fall go into your trove, the winner is the baby dragon that has the most gems at the end of the game.
Karuba is a great game of seeking out treasures hidden deep in the jungle. Each player starts the game with an identical board that has 4 explorers and 4 temples on it. The goal is the get each explorer to the temple of the same color. However, there are no paths through the dense jungle, and it is up to you to decide how your explorers will reach their destination. Every player has a stack of numbered tiles that have pathways you can play on your board. One player will randomly draw a tile and announce the number on it, and every other player takes the same tile. This way everyone is playing the same tile each turn, but where you place it on your board is up to you. Can you reach the temples before the other players and score the highest point treasures?
Even the toddlers can get into the game with the line of My Very First Games. First Orchard is a cooperative game where everyone is working together to harvest the fruit before the raven can steal them. It is great for teaching first time game players about rules, social interaction and cooperation, as well as color recognition and counting by ones.
Until next time, stay safe and play more games.