Greenfield Location Closed, End of June 2020

June 25, 2020

We’ve reached the end of a great chapter in the Board Game Barrister saga.

Our Greenfield store at 6120 West Layton Avenue closed at the end of June, 2020.  

Our other locations remain open.

Here are some of the quick operational details:
(Read Gordon’s recent blog post for more in-depth insights and info.)

  • Any Greenfield pickup orders that hadn’t been picked up were moved to Mayfair.
  • Greenfield’s special orders and customer requests have been moved to Mayfair.  We’ll still call you when your request comes in.
  • Greenfield’s Used Games have been moved to Mayfair and will be incorporated into Mayfair’s Used Game section.

We’ve shared a lot of great memories at the Greenfield store, and we can’t wait to see everyone soon at the Mayfair and North Shore stores, as well as the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub.