Greenfield FNM adds more Commander Prizes, Entry Moves to $5

August 17, 2018

Everyone loves Commander.

Okay, maybe not everyone… but a pretty huge portion of our Magic players are crazy about this format.

We’ve seen a MASSIVE accumulation of interest in Commander at our stores, especially at Greenfield where we sometimes seat 10 or more pods for Friday Night Magic (that’s over 40 Commander players!)

It’s time for our Commander events to advance to the next level: More prizes and a more streamlined structure!

Beginning on Friday, September 7, 2018, all Commander events at Board Game Barrister will follow the same structure:

  • Single Game Event
    Instead of the current Greenfield FNM structure, which involves players taking part in a first pod, then moving on to a winners’ pod or non-winners pod, the new event structure will assign players to a single pod. When their game concludes, players will receive prizes, and may then play casually for the remainder of the night.
  • Prize Packs for All
    Everyone who plays in the Commander FNM event will receive one booster pack of their choice*. The winner of each pod will also receive a second booster pack.
    Pod winners will also receive an FNM promo for the current season.
    *All or most Standard rotation packs apply. Some packs, such as Modern Masters packs, may only be redeemed with two or more pack wins. Ask the Barristers at the counter for details.
  • New Entry Cost—$5
    As most of our weekly Commander events currently do, all Commander events will carry the same $5 Entry Cost. This entry allows us to provide the prize support and tournament organization at each week’s Commander events.

These changes currently affect only the Friday Night Magic Commander event at Greenfield. This structure is currently in effect at all other Commander events.