GlennCon 2019—Schedule of Games

July 3, 2019

Get ready for two jam-packed days of gaming. The GlennCon 2019 Schedule of Events is now available!

GlennCon is Saturday and Sunday, July 13 & 14

Check out the schedule of events below. Each of these games will have a dedicated, knowledgeable event runner there to explain the rules and answer questions. The best part? All GlennCon games are completely FREE (normal in-store events are also listed on this schedule, and may carry an entry fee).

You Bring the Game, We’ll Bring the Players
There’s still plenty of room on the schedule, so if there’s a game you’ve been dying to get to the table, let us know.




10:00AM   Colt Express
10:00AM   Azul
11:00AM   Galaxy Trucker
11:00AM   Tiny Towns
Noon   Power Grid (+ Expansion Maps)
Noon   Bot Jox with the Designer
Noon   HeroClix
Noon   Sagrada
12:30AM   Zombie Kidz Evolution
1:00PM   Fire & Axe
1:00PM   Bot Jox with the Designer
1:00PM   Star Wars Miniatures Games
1:00PM   Booster Draft (Magic: the Gathering, $16 Entry)
1:30PM   Ship Shape
2:00PM   Legendary: Alien
2:00PM   Bot Jox with the Designer
2:30PM   Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
3:00PM   Saloon Tycoon with Ranch Expansion
3:00PM   Bot Jox with the Designer
3:00PM   Dungeons & Dragons 5E (2PM Signup, $5 or 300 MVP point)
4:00PM   Suburbia
4:30PM   Railroad Ink
5:00PM   Skull
5:00PM   Scoville
6:00PM   Mountains of Madness
7:00PM   Arkham Horror





11:00AM   Sushi Roll
11:00AM    Pokemon Casual Play
11:30AM   Roll for the Galaxy
Noon   Journeys in Middle Earth
Noon   CV
Noon    Magic: the Gathering—Commander Event ($6 Entry)
Noon    Casual Painting ($5 Entry—All Supplies Provided)
12:30PM   Sagrada
1:00PM   The Grizzled
1:00PM    Booster Draft (Magic: the Gathering, $16 Entry)
1:30PM   “Greater” Catan (with Seafarers and Cities & Knights exps)
1:30PM   Betrayal at House on the Hill
2:00PM   Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
2:00PM   Tokaido
3:00PM   Dice Forge
4:00PM   Mysterium


This events and times on this schedule may change slightly between now and July 13, so check back in for updates, and to confirm your event times!

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