GlennCon 2017 Schedule of Events

July 12, 2017

Welcome to the Schedule of Events for GlennCon 2017, taking place Friday July 21 – Sunday July 23. 

The events listed below are in addition to the Free Open Gaming available to attendees all weekend! There are still events being submitted – so stay tuned for updates!

Visit the GlennCon 2017 page for event details – or to run a game of your own!

10:00AM   Karuba
11:00AM   This Belongs in a Museum
Noon   Colony
1:30PM   World’s Fair
2:30PM   Barenpark
3:00PM   7 Wonders
4:00PM   Ethnos
5:00PM   Five Tribes
5:00PM   Stone Age
6:00PM   Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG
7:00PM   Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
7:00PM   7 Wonders Duel (Premium Event)
7:00PM   Abyss
8:30PM   Isle of Skye
9:30PM   Mysterium
10:00AM   Jim Henson’s Labyrinth
10:00AM   Kingdomino
11:00AM   Mystic Vale
11:00AM   Galaxy Trucker
Noon   Broken Contract
Noon   Ulm
12:30PM   T.I.M.E. Stories
1:00PM   Saloon Tycoon
2:00PM   Formula D
2:30PM   Sheriff of Nottingham
3:00PM   Dungeons & Dragons
4:00PM   Smash Up All Stars (Premium Event)
4:00PM   Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
5:00PM   Flick ‘Em Up!
6:00PM   Element
7:00PM   Quantum
7:00PM   Celestia
7:00PM   Dice Forge
11:00AM   Colt Express
11:00AM   Biblios
Noon   Cthulhu Wars
Noon   Above and Below
Noon   Vast: The Crystal Caverns
1:00PM   Captain Sonar
2:00PM   The Captain is Dead
2:00PM   Unearth
3:00PM   Letters from Whitechapel
3:00PM   Terraforming Mars


Other Events*

Friday, 6:30pm   Friday Night Magic (Standard, Modern & Commander formats)
Saturday, All Day   Magic Open Play
Saturday, Noon   Mtg: Standard Showdown
Sunday, Noon   HeroClix
Sunday, Noon   Mtg: Commander
Sunday, Noon   Pokemon League

*Premium Events and Other Events feature exclusive gear, prizes and/or promos. Some of these events do not fall into the GlennCon Free-to-Play category. Please visit the event pages for separate cost info.

If you would like run a game at GlennCon (and earn a few MVP points while you’re at it), submit a short event form to let us know which game(s) you’d like to run and when you’re available – and please mention in your submission that your event is for GlennCon.