Sealed Deck Academy—Prerelease Prep for Learning Players

January 10, 2020

Welcome to Sealed Deck Academy!

This hands-on, instructor led event prepares Magic learners and kids to build amazing decks and win more games at Prereleases and other Sealed Format events.

No cards, materials, or Sealed Format experience required!

Build a new deck at each Academy!
As an attendee of this Sealed Deck Academy, you will receive six booster packs of Core Set 2020 as well as invaluable instruction on how to turn that assortment of cards into a powerful Magic deck.

Using the tips and skills you discover at the Academy, you’ll be able to determine:

  • What makes a great “bomb” card;
  • Which colors to choose from your pool of cards;
  • How and when to create card combos;
  • How to fill out your mana curve so that you’ll be able to use all your mana every turn;
  • And much more!

Your instructor, Taylor, is a Sealed pro who has been achieving perfect win-loss records in his last five years of prerelease events. An excellent teacher as well as Magic player, he makes great deckbuilding fun and easy to understand.

Sealed format is fantastic for everyone because it creates an even playing field. Everyone is working with new cards; no one gets to bring the unbeatable deck they’ve been building for years.

What is Sealed Format?
In Sealed Format events, players will open six booster packs each, and from the contents of those packs, build a deck of at least 40 cards. Then, we pair everyone with an opponent to play some best-of-three matches using our newly built decks!

Each session, we’ll also have promo card prizes for some lucky participants.

Event Schedule
Registration: 6:10PM-6:30PM
Academy Discussion: 6:30PM-7:15PM
Deckbuilding Practice: 7:00PM-8:00PM
Two Paired Matches: 8:00PM-10:00PM

What to know ahead of time
This event is suggested for kids and Magic learners who already know the basic rules of Magic. If you’ve never played a game of Magic before, we suggest stopping into the store and asking for a walk-through from one of our Barristers. (Better yet, if you call ahead, we can let you know whether we’ll have time to take you through a full tutorial.)

Want to keep improving?
Stop in for another Academy session! Each session will present you with six new packs, more opportunity to practice, and a new deckbuilding puzzle to solve.

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