RPG Roulette: Numenera

January 28, 2020

March 5, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
100 MVP points or $3

~Responding to the request of a friend you agree to travel on a brief expedition to nearby ruins. Your client has requested you to locate and retrieve a massive container of protomatter that they plan to use in their current project. Delving into these ruins might be a bit more than you bargained for, though. A pair of rogue machines, powerful sentinels, and other wounded or trapped explorers are waiting for you…

Welcome to the Ninth World, and to Numenera.

Join Game Master Anthony for a mini campaign on Thursdays through all of March!

New players are always welcome! We’ll be starting with brand new characters and covering the basics of the game before we begin.

About the Game
Numenera takes place on Earth, well sort of. One billion years have passed and nine eras have come and gone—great cities, alien races, machine dynasties—all have risen to power, made sweeping changes to the planet’s people, its structure and its atmosphere. And all have fallen, leaving the planet a shell for the next to fill in.

It would be error to refer to you as a true human, and yet human is how you think of yourself. A resourceful wanderer in a landscape beyond your comprehension, full of seemingly “magical” devices and technology left behind by past civilizations.

Select who you will be in this world: Are you Glaive, armed to the teeth, a master of weapons? A Nano, someone whose mind and control of themselves can even affect their surroundings? The Wright, a builder, designer, craftsman? An Arkus? Leader of people, architect of councils and towns. A Delve, destined to explore ruins that may have the chance to slay others, but never yourself? Or are you a Jack? Pulling and teasing from the other styles, touching each of their disciplines, but never mastering any yourself.

We hope you’ll be able to join us!

Anthony S

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