Returning in 2019: Friday Night Magic (and Food!)

November 12, 2018

December 14, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Oak & Shield Pub
$15 (Food Included)

Update: Friday Night Magic will NOT be held this week. Oak & Shield has closed out its 2018 Friday Night Magic season. But fear not! We’ll be back in 2019. Stay tuned for details.

Every Friday night in the downstairs 42 Lounge, we’re taking our Magic game to the next level and keeping you fed between every round of play!

Whether you’re getting off work downtown, hopping over after classes, or just want us to feed you while you play—join us at the pub for an amazing weekly event of play, prizes, plates, planeswalkers, and other P words we’ll think of later!

Need dinner? Our courses will be snack-y fare, and will arrive between rounds over the course of the event. If you need something more substantial, we suggest arriving a while before the event to grab a dinner upstairs!

The FNM Fare

Registration: Chips & Dips
After Round 1: Bacon Chicken in Little China—Hand wrapped chicken bacon ranch wontons with ranch
After Round 2: Chef’s choice, Jalapeno Poppers or Eyeholes—Deep fried mac and cheese balls with jalapeno

Constructed Formats Only: For the moment, the pub’s FNM event will feature the Standard, Modern and Commander formats. With enough player interest, we can also run other constructed formats.

Bring multiple decks! Each week, we’ll gauge interest in each format. If there isn’t enough interest in your first choice of format, we still want you to be able to play, so bring decks for two or three formats if you’re able.

Pints! There’s another P word. Are we drinking at FNM? Yep! Alcoholic beverages will be available, and yes, you can drink while you play.

Does that mean the event is 21+? Nope! This is an All Ages event, and we’re here to make it equally as fun for every player who came to play and chow down!

Event Structure & Prizes

Standard—Three Best-of-Three Rounds—Booster pack per match win!

Modern—Three Best-of-Three Rounds—Booster pack per match win!

Commander/EDH—Single Multiplayer Game in a Pod of 3-5—Everyone gets a booster pack, pod winner gets two additional packs!

Other Multiplayer Constructed—Single Multiplayer Game in a Pod of 3-5—Everyone gets a booster pack, pod winner gets two additional packs!


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