Prerelease Draft–Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate

June 13, 2021

June 3, 2022 all-day
Mayfair & North Shore

Must have an approved “Vaccinated” status to play in the event.
Submit your COVID-19 Vaccine Status here.
(Pre-registration is available in-store for players who have submitted their vaccine status for an in-store MVP account.)

Welcome to Prerelease at our Mayfair & North Shore Locations!

As a participant, you’ll be among the first to open packs from the new set and draft your adventuring party!

Friday Prerelease Event—June 3
Registration & Check-In—5:30PM
Drafting Begins—6:00PM

Claim your seat by pre-registering online or in-store!

Note: Online Pre-registration will not be available on the day of your event. In-Store registration will be available until the event’s listed start time.






How Does Commander Draft Work?

Inspired by one of the most popular formats, this is a multiplayer fight to the finish! At the start of Commander Draft, each player opens one of three booster packs and drafts two cards into their card pool at a time.  You may add multiples of the same card to your deck, and each deck must have at least 60 cards.

  • Each player starts at 40 life
  • Players can attack multiple players at a time
  • Last player standing wins

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