Octo-Con 2019

June 10, 2019

October 19, 2019 all-day

Join us for an epic in-store convention this Fall!

Octo-Con is a full day of free gaming, featuring octagonal gaming challenges, door prizes, special events, and more.

Host a Game—Get MVP Points!
The people that consistently make our in-store conventions so amazing are our event hosts from our incredible local community. Join the team for Octo-Con 2019, choose the games you love most, and spread that love to your fellow gamers.

Let us know what you’d like to host!

The Octagonal Challenge!
When you arrive, stop at the front counter for your free Octo-Con ticket and CHALLENGE CARD.

This card will present you with a series of challenges: “Play a game with someone you met today,” “Play a game with 8+ players,” et cetera. For each challenge you complete, you’ll have the chance to select a promo item from our stash.

Plus—complete 8 of the challenges and you’ll receive 800 MVP points!

Andy B

Andy B is our Master of Events and Online Wizardry, and that's why you see his picture at the bottom of most posts and events! You'll see him and his beard at all our locations, often with his nose at a computer, creating pages just like this one. His favorite games include The Grizzled, Guild Ball, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle and Legend of the Five Rings.

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