Mystery Booster Launch—Sealed Double Elimination (Magic: the Gathering)

February 17, 2020

March 14, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Join us for an Expanding Sealed Deck event celebrating the release of Magic’s new Mystery Boosters!

As a participant, you’ll open Mystery Boosters (normally $6 each) and build a complex and chaotic deck from among the set’s 1,694 reprints and 121 original cards.

EXPANDING SEALED means that throughout the event, you’ll open more packs for your sealed pool and have the chance to add those new cards to your deck!

DOUBLE ELIMINATION means that you’ve effectively got two lives in this event. After your first loss, you’ll continue advancing! But if you lose a second match, you’ll stop advancing and receive a Theros Beyond Death promo pack for playing.

Add to your Sealed Pool (and win more packs) by advancing through to each new round:

  • Your Starting Sealed Pool: Four Mystery Boosters
  • Advancing to Round 2 (Everyone): +1 Mystery Booster
  • Advancing to Round 3: +1 Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack
  • Advancing to Round 4: +1 Mystery Booster AND +1 PREMIUM Theros Promo Pack
  • End of Round 4: Our remaining players receive +1 Mystery Booster AND +1 PREMIUM Theros Promo Pack.

Eliminated? You get a Theros Beyond Death promo pack immediately!
Undefeated? You get TWO MORE Theros Beyond Death promo packs



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