FNM – Premium Modern

November 29, 2017

December 20, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
North Shore

Welcome to Premium Modern at Friday Night Magic!

At this weekly event, you’ll have the opportunity to pit your Modern-format deck against other local players. For every best-of-three match you win, you’ll take home a Modern Horizons Booster Pack, or any two other boosters of your choice!

And everyone leaves with something!*

Please arrive closer to 6:15 to allow time for registration.

Format: Modern Constructed
Event Structure: Four Swiss-style Rounds

Still working out the kinks in your deck?
Join us for three rounds of Tuesday Night Modern as well.


Premium Modern Prizes

For each match won, players receive their choice of the following:

  • Modern Horizons Booster Pack
  • Any TWO other Booster Packs

Plus—Go 4-0, and you’ll receive a Premium Promo Pack for the current Magic season!

*Any players with no match wins will receive a single booster pack of their choice (non-Horizons), so long as they played every round of the event.

Find out more about the Modern Format

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