FNM – Legacy

November 29, 2017

November 1, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
North Shore

Friday Night Magic at North Shore starts at 6:30pm.

Please arrive closer to 6:15 to allow time for registration.

For Legacy Constructed, we do four Swiss rounds.

Players win a booster pack for each match win (or bye).
Prize packs are your choice from our stock.

Modern/Eternal Masters packs can be obtained by redeeming three wins.

Legacy Format
Legacy decks may consist of cards from all Magic card sets, plus the following cards: Sewers of Estark, Windseeker Centaur, and Nalathni Dragon (Mana Crypt would also be included were it not currently banned—see the ban list).

Cards from expansions and special sets (like From the Vault, Magic: The Gathering—Commander, Duel Decks, Conspiracy, etc.) are legal in the Legacy format on the date of release of the expansion or special set.


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