Dungeons & Dragons (Casual Campaign)

March 6, 2018

May 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
$5 or 300 MVP Points

Join us for a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

Create a character, prepare to combat great threats, and dive into your own unique story in this massively popular roleplaying game! D&D is as much as game of collective storytelling and memorable moments as it is about slaying dragons and collecting loot.

Your Dungeon Master, Adam, will guide you through this adventure campaign, welcoming all players new and old to a fantastic world.

Adam is a self-proclaimed easy-going DM who emphasizes fun over rules. His campaigns prioritize the narrative, with an equal mix of roleplaying and combat.

New players welcome!
Players with little or no experience with Dungeons & Dragons are welcome at this event. Your Dungeon Master is available to provide guidance and answer questions during the event. No materials necessary!

Andy B

Andy B is our Master of Events and Online Wizardry, and that's why you see his picture at the bottom of most posts and events! You'll see him and his beard at all our locations, often with his nose at a computer, creating pages just like this one. His favorite games include The Grizzled, Guild Ball, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle and Legend of the Five Rings.

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