Destiny: Highlander 40/40 Tournament

November 7, 2019

November 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Oak & Shield Gaming Pub

This event uses the Infinite Holocron for all errata and Balance of the Force. Your deck must be Infinite legal including points and restricted list with the following changes:

Players have a 40-point limit on Characters and Plot cards. Characters may be elite.

Players must have exactly 40 cards in their player deck.

Players can only include one copy of any given card in their deck, INCLUDING characters!!

The following cards are banned:
Double Down
TIE Fighter
Lightsaber Mastery
Order 66

Prizes from the Seasonal Premium Kit
Participation—Full art I Performed Violence promo
Top 8—Full art Mr. Bones promo
Top 2—Seasonal Playmat!

Oak & Shield Gaming Pub

Whether you want to make your game better with a burger and a beer, or your burger better with a game, the best way to make it better is with the fellowship of friends. Join us at the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub. 600 East Ogden Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

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