(Postponed) Crane Pack Event—Legend of the Five Rings

November 1, 2019

December 8, 2019 @ 11:00 am

This event has been postponed until early next year due to low availability and expected attendance during the holiday season. We’ll revisit the Crane Kit in 2020!

Poetry in honor.

Celebrate the Crane Clan at this special event featuring gorgeous promos and playmats!

Registration: 11:00AM
Event Start: 11:30AM

This is a casual tournament. Players of all skills levels are invited to join us. We’ll play a few 60-minute rounds of Legend of the Five Rings (3-4 depending on attendance) and take home some great prizes.

Players may play any clan they wish for this event. Players should build a deck following the game’s deckbuilding guidelines and select one role of their choice.

Event Prizes

  • Participation: Full bleed Festival for the Fortunes promos (number depending on attendance)
  • Top 8: Alternate art Support of the Crane promo
  • Top 2: Daidoji Uji Playmat


Andy B

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