Brawl Weekend—Throne of Eldraine

October 4, 2019

October 26, 2019 @ 11:30 am
100 MVP points or $3

Join us for a day of epic new decks at Brawl Weekend!

Living in the space between Commander and Standard, the Brawl format invites you to build a singleton (one of each card) deck around a legendary creature or planeswalker of your choice.

Find out more about the Brawl Format below.

Registration: 11:30pm
Start Time: Noon
Two casual rounds of Brawl gameplay.

Eldraine Promo Pack Prizes:

  • All participants will receive a Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack.
  • And the winner of each Brawl Pod will receive an additional Eldraine Promo Pack!

Want to try for another pack? Jump into a second game for another chance!

Can’t make it to Mayfair on Saturday?
Join us on Sunday, October 27 for Brawl Weekend at Greenfield and North Shore!


Brawl—the Short Version:

  • 60-card decks
  • All cards must be Standard-legal
  • No more than 1 of a given card (except basic land)
  • 1 “commander”—a legendary creature or planeswalker that begins in the command zone and returns to it any time it leaves the battlefield
  • Any mana symbol that appears on a given card must also appear on your commander
  • Players start with 30 life
  • Best played in groups of 3–5 players

See the full rules and deckbuilding guidelines for Brawl.

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