An Evening of Dread

October 8, 2018

October 31, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
North Shore
100 MVP points or $3

We’re breaking out the Jenga tower for our second annual Dread game played on Halloween!

Last year, the group successfully survived an electrifying mystery at an asylum… who knows what dark depths this year will explore. Join us for a frightfully good time!

More about Dread
Dive into a high-tension horror story told by your game master, Erik, and push the story ahead with the actions of your characters. Every time you find yourself in a perilous moment, you’ll need to successfully pull a block from the Jenga tower—or meet your final fate!

If you haven’t experienced the pure, high-tension elegance of the Dread RPG, then we hope you’ll join us on Halloween night.

And by all means, help us celebrate the spookiest night of the year by coming in *costume!

*For the best and safest in-store experience, we ask that participants not wear masks or headwear covering the full face.


Erik S

Erik is a Barrister at the North Shore location. He is most commonly referred to as "Doc" by his friends and is a font of useless information on all topics of RPGs. When not ranting about different role playing game systems, narrative vs simulationist play, or anything to do with education you'll find him helping with Keyforge events or running the kids D&D tables on weekends. He is also a part time mad scientist that is definitely NOT planning world domination using pink fluffy bunnies of DOOM.

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